Psychological Testing and Evaluations

Psychological Assessment and Evaluations

  • Problems with Mood or Emotional Stability
  • Problems with Self-Esteem
  • Problems with Social Relationships
  • Determining Accurate Diagnoses
  • Developing Effective Treatment Plans
  • Identifying Your Strengths and Needs for an Improved Life Functioning
  • Identifying Personality Issues
  • Identifying Clinical Disorders such as Depression, Anxiety, and other major mental health issues
  • ADHD
  • Spectrum Disorders

Psychological Evaluation can be helpful in many ways. For example, psychological evaluations can be quite helpful in determining a specific diagnosis as well as helping people to identify strengths in how they learn and how they relate to others. We can then use this knowledge to help people overcome various problems in living.

Psychological Evaluations can help determine what therapeutic approach might be most helpful, understand what issues may be preventing progress, as well as define new ways of coping with and overcoming areas of concern.

Psychological evaluations typically also encompass a comprehensive and detailed report of the test data and recommendations. Dr. Tonnacliff uses a wide variety of instruments to conduct intellectual testing, academic achievement testing, attention testing, and personality and emotional testing. These test data include a combination of behavior rating scales, objective and projective personality inventories, and standardized IQ and achievement tests as part of the assessment process.