Welcome to the home page for Myles Tonnacliff, PhD; we’re glad you are here. Within
this site, you will find some basic information about Dr. Tonnacliff’s practice as well as
how to contact him, secure an appointment, and begin therapy and / or an evaluation.

There are many facets to this counseling practice, which encompasses much more than
just counseling. As a Licensed Psychologist with a doctorate in psychology, Dr.
Tonnacliff has the capacity to counsel and do therapy with individuals, couples and
families. He also specializes in consultation with individuals, groups or entities seeking
guidance about psychological issues, and provides psychological evaluations for a
multitude of clinical conditions such as ADHD, Anxiety, Depression and other mental
health disorders.

Dr. Myles Tonnacliff has over 30+ years of experience doing counseling psychology
work and is considered to be a psychologist and therapist who is both ethical as well as
someone who has Christian values. In the fields of Counseling and Psychology, there
are many theoretical orientations or types of ways that people can counsel others; his
approach is to use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) blended with Positive Psychology
and Solution Focused therapy to help those who are struggling with emotional issues.
Over the last several decades, he has seen hundreds of individuals with a wide array of
mental health issues and can assist individuals in overcoming the psychological
difficulties they may be experiencing.